Need a LipSense Color?


LipSense is THE premier long lasting, water proof, smudge proof lip color.  It is 95% natural, combined with 5% science.  It is purer, cleaner and safer than most lip colors you already wear.  Vegan, gluten free, and LEAD free.  I don’t know what other long wearing lip color can claim the same.  And I’ve done the research!  Click on More Info to contact me.



With over 50 colors to choose from, and multiple layered combinations, you will never run out of a great lip color.  1 tube will last you 6+ months if worn every day.  It is 3-4 times the product amount of your conventional lipsticks.


Paraben free.


Cruelty free.

18 hours of wear.

Mechanical SPF of 15.

Patented.  There is none other like LipSense.



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